These poems were written between the ages of 9-12


Some people say

that you are a fool

if you really like

going to school

But if you don’t go

you will never know

how to read and spell

and when it comes to work

you will never do well

School’s not too bad

some people love to come

but most of them are glad

when they leave to go home

I like my school

But I’m not a fool

The Fair

The fairground lights

shine up bright

I’ll be going there tonight

There’re roundabouts

and dodgem cars

and stalls that sell

sweets and toffee bars

I’m on the helter skelter

launching pad 

This is the sixth go that I’ve had 

I’m whizzing fast around and around

right from the top down to the ground

I’ve had some fun

but the end is near

so I’ve got to go home

and wait til next year

A Winter's Morning

Jack Frost came in the night

in a suit that gleamed so bright

He flew all over the countryside

and made things white far and wide

Everything glistened in the sun

The trees awake to see what he’s done

Their branches are covered all white like snow

The leaves rustle when the wind starts to blow

But the sun is shining so strong

the frost melts until it has gone

When we go to bed and wait for day dawning

we’ll awake to find a cold winter morning

When I Am Old

What will I do

when I am old?

I often think about it.

Shall I stay home

and not have a care

or live my life out

and go everywhere?

If I stayed home

on my own every day, I could die of coldness and loneliness 

Nobody would come

for days upon end 

Not a single relation or even a friend

I think I’d rather

stay with my friends,

going to bingo at night

I’ll wear bright coloured clothes

not dull and grey

I’ll enjoy my old life in every possible way

The Chipmunk

The  little chipmunk flurried about

up and down, in and out

Never knowing where to run

but always seems to have some fun

He’s always tidy, neat and trim 

Very small and very slim

He keeps his skin clean every day 

It’s furry, white and black and grey

Running Free

Fly kite, fly kite

Fly up for me so high

Fly kite, fly kite

Way up into the sky

You look so graceful as you glide

Across the blue skies that you ride

Dashing, darting, running free

imagine all the things you see

The Dawning

As dawn arose to greet me

a chorus sang so sweet

The air of spring engulfed me

new life again to greet

Sun beams kiss my sleeping soul

each tender touch a thrill

a trembling flower in the breeze

now blossoms at your will

With beauty reeling all around

my heart shall feel no pain

for no deeper love hath found me

nor shall it do again


Like a dream in the night you came to me

and filled my world with a rapturous fire

My heart it aches and my body trembles

longing for loves first tender kiss

Every touch it thrills me your kisses will me

my hunger doth implore

I am engulfed in the flames of desire

and drowning in its loveliness

A feeling such I cannot explain

a feeling that wakens my soul

It scares me so, for I know not whence it came

nor where it shall go

but the feeling will stay here forever


Through closed eyes I see you

I feel you, I am you

Where tethered passions wrangle free

my fears are lost and I am found in ecstasy

A Moment

Just a moment to be a moment with me

A time I shall treasure together forever

No days to regret or ever forget

The love we impart so dear in my heart

And if you should go I want you to know

Whilst time heals the pain you will always remain

Published in 'Mystic Melodies', United Press, 2006

True Love

Winter had taught them courage

courage to face the emptiness that lay on barren ground

To find shelter in eachother from the storms that raged

Winter had bitten but soon spring paved a replenished way

They frolicked like lambs in the field

the darling buds bursting with newness of life grew as of one

into a blaze of summer glory

Sun kissed days melted their hearts

and they drifted on the sands of time

The changing face of autumn fell on nature’s bounty

and whilst all around did wither they stood as evergreens

Their love was strong and could not be faltered by any element

that sought to tarnish it

And so the seasons rolled on ever changing from new to old

but their love would never grow old for it was true and unchallenged

Old Father Time would make his mark

but their love was pledged to the spring into which it was born

A Meaningless Gesture

Those thoughtless days I lay to rest and move to pastures new.

And all the anger though didst wrest I give it back to you.

You bade me leave, with no relent, a decade lost in time

I bear the scars of bullets spent, found guilty of the crime.

My share of blame I can’t deny, though blame’s a word misused

‘Takes two to tango’, doth imply you had it all confused.

The artist in you paints the scene, a victim in your mind.

Reduced the love I gladly gave to simply being kind.

In lessons learned I’ve paid my dues and stronger for it too.

I hope in future that you choose to see what’s really true.

Published in 'The Thought That Counts', United Press, 2006

Reflections of my Youth

An idyll of my youth about the bow I linger on.

Lost in endless summer days,

the essence of my dreams drift distant in the haze.

The byways were highways to me

teaching me a deference, born from natures eloquence.

A cultivated unity, true friends were yielded to.

It takes me back through golden wheat,

roguing in the blazing heat.

Alight the bridge to nature walks along the Ebble flow.

Forget-me-not the meadow sweet,

buttercup carpet beneath my feet.

Conker trees and sycamore, freedom fields at play.

Haunting corners of my mind, the child in me will always find.

Captured in this tranquil scene, I surely thought the world was green.

Published in 'Body and Soul', United Press, 2005


The mist o’er the vale lifts slowly with the dawn,

and the Abbess stirs Her Saxon town.

Not ruined, as Her home lies thus, lost in the midst of time.

Ancient holds its ground with modern

and wakes to a bounteous wealth.

Farmers markets, livestock too, bring forth their fruits of labour.

As in days of yore the land about is prosperous thus.

Traders’ large and small breath life to the centre, atop the golden hill,

and people rally from it’s folds, keeping alive the community hold.

Published in 'My Small World', United Press, 2006


Tiny rosebud what secrets do you hold?

As time draws out your petals, what story will unfold?

Serene shall be your nature, be kind of thought and deed.

Give hope to those around you where faith has failed to seed.

For all the dreams you reach for, a love who will be true.

For any troubled moments the strength to see them through.

For peace within I bless you, for protection I shall pray

An air sublime about you as you tread the thorny way.

God keep this rose within your care and blossom to a maiden fair.

Published in the 'National Poetry Anthology 2006', United Press 2006

The Reaper 

So haunt me I shall leave you of my shouldered plight,

for I can never rest you on this foreign land

until your soul finds peace in my heart.

Whisper through a silent tear to carry me a while

across the stream that borders on your cold embrace.

Desired time has long since grown apart.

Chanced unto a stranger, no guiding light would shine.

Sang sweet the nightingales alluring to our fears

Lost of face, your shame shall ever see.

To realise you of a fumbled kindness meant.

To repossess you of a love so freely spent.

Hear the Reaper when He weeps for me.


You dance with the air of spring,

no cares or woes, with innocence you sing.

Free from acquaintance of fear,

a will to try, your obstinance is clear.

You laugh and you play my child,

run like the wind and imagine so wild.

I remember you so well,

when did I lose you, I wish I could tell.

Will I ever feel again,

the beauty of a child, inside I remain.

Published in 'Natural Beauty', United Press 2006

The Jolly Snowman

I woke to find the grass had gone

and everything was white.

I guess the jolly snowman came

and painted through the night.

He left the snow all crisp and deep

so I could go and play.

Throwing snowballs all day long

and riding on my sleigh


On clouds of dreams I sailed the seas

to see through eyes of innocence

such wonders from the deep.

A yearning need that flows through me

will never let me sleep.

Ode To A Cough


Oh cough, that small expression of relief

an echo of congestion in the throat.

A hack, ahem, that passes through our teeth

Emotion swells a lump that I may choke.

What calls thy siren to my attention?

A blockage thus, of phlegm, a chesty rasp,

or narrowing of passage void of breath.

The air about you holds itself agasp

I fear you are brought into contention

and brought about a certain kind of dearth.

A cuckoo lays an egg within your nest

and harbours you a master of disguise.

You tickle and tease, leaving me to guess

the nature of your lyrical reprise

To fear or not I ask you to discern.

They flee, they flee, at what you may become.

Such power, I can only show respect,

lying low, to elude your stealthy roam.

Who are thee to show such little concern,

to all the lives you wittingly infect?

Your path floats on an air of discernment,

moving forward a mutant in our midst

that begs me to doff my hat, your servant

and smell the poisoned scent that you have kissed.

Are you thus a never-ending terror?

What distance do you give for me to make?

Will your repertoire ever be enough?

The future holds such chances there to take.

I cannot hide my face from you forever

because sometimes we cough, sometimes we cough.

Parasite of Love

Defenceless parasite of love defend me

depend no more upon me.

I have no life to give you

no longer can I live you.

Hopes avenged in sleepless pain

you shall not gain

Sublimity is mine.

Embraced in the courage so born to my soul

I shall onward to my goal.

Vanquished of a poisoned fear

peace of mind I hold you near.

Christmas past left lying cold

has lost its hold.

Loves true worth be mine.

A Wigg and a Knob 

A bun and a biscuit

A Wigg and a Knob

They’re two Dorset farings to try.

Serve one with your breakfast and one with your tea

Butter them up and a treat they will be.

A bun and a biscuit

A Wigg and a Knob

One’s spicy the other one plain.

The bun in the kitchen at home you can bake

The other one comes from down Morcombelake.

A bun and a biscuit

A Wigg and a Knob

You may wonder from whence the names came.

The biscuit’s a ball with a smooth rounded edge

The bun, it is said, derived from a wedge.

A bun and a biscuit

A Wigg and a Knob

There are varied stories of lore.

From farmers to saints the history will quibble

Food for thought whilst you give them a nibble.

Hill View O’er Blackmore Vale

The light of the dawn becomes you.

The autumn mists lie silent from their nights comfort,

yet my eyes are stung by the beauty and depth they reveal.

No more perfect time to view the vale in all its glory.

No more perfect view to welcome the heart of The West.

Blackmore Vale, the poets stay

Alive and vibrant, greet the day.


Oh fine and fair a woman are you now,

though wisdom it denies you privilege

to quash the zest and care, unfurrowed brow,

that permits you free and full of mileage.

So flight you now upon your journeys way

to live the dreams that be your heart’s content,

and ever let your inner truth allay

and fill you full to brim your hours spent.

Be dry your tears of doubt in confidence,

Unburden you from insecurity

those tangled knots that twist and turn intense

and hold you back from all that you can be.

Embrace this life and let your spirit grow

on wisdoms road wherever it may go.

A Piece of Cake

A birthday cake just for me?

How sweet of you my dear.

It’s chocolate, my favourite kind.

Upon a doily, how refined.

‘Have a piece’, oh no my dear

the calories you see.

Over forty, can’t deny it,

should be sticking to my diet.

And then there’s my cholesterol

really much too high.

I think I have an allergy.

It really should be dairy free.

The chocolate causes migraine

I feel one coming on.

And all that sugar, such a lot.

Don’t want my lovely teeth to rot.

Just listen to me, such a fuss

I feel so very rude.

You’ve been so very nice. Now my dear,

how about you have a slice.

Mothers Day

Loves embrace from milk is born,

a tender kiss for life is sworn.

Your caring touch upon me blessed,

your shoulder finds a place to rest.

Forever I shall hold you near,

within my heart my mother dear.

Santa flying by

Frosted window starry sky

Watch for Santa flying by

If he sees me will he stop

Quickly back to bed I hop

Snuggled up I try to sleep                         

Promise that I will not peep

Sleigh bells ringing in my ear

Christmas day is almost here

Think of all the special things                       

And the joy that Santa brings

Christmas star still shining bright

Make a wish with me tonight